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JPEGtoAS3 Image Converter

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

So here’s one of my first projects. It’s called JPEGtoAS3 Converter and it takes an image [JPEG, GIF, PNG or SWF] from the web [specified by an URL] and turns it into a series of BitmapData.setPixel() statements so you can place it in your AS3 class as a function. I made this so I could use graphics in my GUI classes without having to load them from external files. Instead I just place them in a function and create a new bitmap, then draw the pixels to the bitmap using the function.

JPEGtoAS3 Image Converter
[Right click and choose "Save As"]

So, I understand that the real utility of this program is marginal, but it’s still an interesting way to support graphics in classes without externally loading them, and without having to import resources to your .fla file.

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