Pure Actionscript 3 Window Class

I’ve been working on an easily skinnable windowing system, and this is what I have so far. I’ve attempted to mimic mac’s theme for Leopard.

Actionscript 3 Leopard GUI

Actionscript 3 Leopard GUI

The source and documentation are in their usual spots -> My classes. I’ll be updating them pretty regularly. Here’s the source for the project itself -> project source

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10 Responses to “Pure Actionscript 3 Window Class”

  1. Will you support bringing the focussed window to the top of the display list?

  2. Yes, next on the list is a WindowManager class that takes care of focus, drop shadows, skins etc. Stay tuned for better documentation as well. If anyone has input on how to better organize an aspect of this project don’t hesitate to pipe in.

  3. thanks 10x great stuff :)

  4. No prob, and if you’re using these classes for a multitouch application, I’d love to see it!

  5. Hi there.

    Looks good.

    just wondering if you could place your code/project in formats for other os? windows mac.. Trying to find a decent converter to do this. but can’t seem to find a trust worthy one… eg .zip for windows..

    I have 7-zip installed on my machine and it’s firing an error when I try to open your package.


  6. hey man i working a new version (windows manager) ping if you want… still needs work but its a start, thanks again this is and awesome project

  7. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at this project – I’ll have to pick it up again if people are interested.

  8. Yeah this would be great!

  9. the_felis_leo Says:

    Interesting, but zip archive seems incomplete.
    I could see the Window_Main source, but not efnx gui classes…
    Nothing on github.
    Could you post you’re last work ? or send by mail ?

    Respect, good job ! ;-)

  10. @the_fils_leo

    Yes – it looks like the archive is incomplete. I’m not sure what I was using to tar.gz these classes, they’re over 7 years old! I’ve updated the “My Classes” link to point to some more files that may be what you’re looking for.


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