My Characters and where they are

First I’ll start out with my legal characters by server:


  • Sahasrahla – Human Warlock
  • Cloakan – Night Elf Priest
  • Some twinks I can’t remember
  • Kirin ‘Tor

  • Terjeopeth – Night Elf Rogue
  • Dragonmaw

  • Pedrothelion – Undead Priest

Now private servers by realmlist: [dominion wow]

      Blizz Realm

    • Terjeopeth – Night Elf Rogue
    • Sahasrahla – Human Warlock
    • Berzum – Draenai Paladin

    • Terjeopeth – Night Elf Rogue
    • Sahasrahla – Human Warlock []

      WoWlegion <- you can usually find me here if I'm playing

    • Spyre – Blood Elf Priest

    • Mogwai – Tauren Druid

I’ll update this with new characters as often as possible. List your servers and toons in the comments, word.

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6 Responses to “My Characters and where they are”

  1. For legal characters I only have my characters on Uldum, but I haven’t been playing them for months. Their names are:
    Jalar – 70 NE Druid
    Gyokinoki – 53 gnome mage
    Saros – 30′s NE rogue

    As for private servers, I’ve only gotten Dominion wow to work on there I also have:
    Jalar – 26 NE druid
    Gyokinoki – 23 gnome mage
    no Saros :(

  2. i’ve got two

    iputout – a 33 priest Annd
    blackieblack – a 32 palidan

    but i canceled wow.. so they’re sittin around stormwind somewhere drinking. Both on stonemaul

  3. Hey Jeff, you can always sign up on a private server!

  4. i’m ready to!

  5. still excited….

  6. Hello, i wish to play

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