Lisp Game Competition

A friend and I have decided to write a game in LISP in 30 days. The game will be entered in the 2010 lisp games expo.

My good friend Aaron Maus is a lisper, and wanted to make a game. I’ve never programmed in lisp. We have 30 days to program a game for this contest. Super fun.

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  1. Here I’ll be leaving updates about the progress we’re making on the game. You can check out whatever code we have at the moment at our github:

  2. So far Aaron has successfully loaded cl-opengl on Windows. I’m still working on getting all the libraries needed to run cl-opengl on my macbook. cbuild, asdf, asdf-install, cffi, alexandria, babel, there’s just so much stuff! So far I’ve tried using asdf-install to install from, but the process couldn’t find pgp keys for any of the libraries, and the finally barfed all over once it tried to install something from metabang, whatever that is. My next step is to install darcs through port, to install cbuild. Then with cbuild i can try installing cl-opengl.

  3. I’ve got cl-opengl up and running (without darcs or cbuild) and am on the macros section of ‘Practical Common Lisp‘ – which has been a great help. Getting opengl setup was actually much easier than I was making it out to be. It was just a matter of (using sbcl and) understanding what packages were pre-installed, along with where to put the opengl bindings.

  4. Today I had a pretty good day getting to know classes in lisp. My brain might finally be thinking functionally, though I haven’t figured out a way to draw things in opengl without using side effects. What’s the best way to avoid that? It seems like user interaction in general is a side effect.

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