Hannspree HF237 + Macbook Pro 2.16Ghz

I bought a new monitor today – a Hannspree 23″. I only paid about $180 for it, so it seemed like a sweet deal. TOTALLY WRONG. This thing hurts my eyes it’s so sh*tty. Some pixels are sharp, others are blurry. It’s like the monitor itself is stretching and interpolating the pixel points from my video card. Text is UNREADABLE on most resolutions and no amount of settings fidgetry seems to fix it. The pixels just don’t line up. This thing is auto-dithering my pixel art. I’m taking it back tomorrow and getting my money back. I’d rather have a used, scuffed up LCD from two years ago. Tried and true.

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  2. I think it’s you. I have this monitor and once I got the settings for it right, it worked fine. However, I think the contrast is kind of crappy. A #ddd looks white. Amazingly bad!

  3. Hi Dave – I was pretty frustrated when I bought this monitor, and promptly brought it back for a refund. I’m sure that the thing didn’t work because of a mixture of me, my hardware settings and the monitor’s settings, but I didn’t have time to figure out what the perfect combo was. To further the cliché, I wanted something that ‘just works’. My samsung does just that, and wasn’t too much more expensive.

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