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My Bike

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

My bike up until this point has been a borrowed SR Maxima sr_max

Figure (A)

which belongs to my friend Chris [Chrispy Finch Fry!]. While he was living as a nomad I became the caretaker of two of his prized possessions: his bike and his goldfish [see Figure (B) ]. Since then I’ve continued to use his bike and take care of his goldfish.

Chris Finch's goldfish, Sampson

Figure (B)

Until today! My parents came up North [from LA] this weekend to deliver my grandfather’s washer/dryer tower and brought with them my Dad’s old road bike. It’s an Austro-Daimler SuperLeicht from somewhere in the 70′s. Vintage ace. I went to the shop today and picked up a nice Brooks saddle for it. Looks sharp.

My SuperLeicht
Drilled out brake handles. Awesome.

Check out these drilled out brake handles.

Originally it was a 10 speed, I believe, but one day my Father had some problems with the shifter while riding and when he got home he took it down to a single speed. I like it. The simpler the better. I don’t live in SF, so I don’t need a ton of gears.

Not a fixed gear, phew.

The accessories are all vintage Campagnolo, aquired piece by piece in the 70s by my Dad. The next step to making this guy look really nice is some new tan bar tape.

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